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Community Relations

Every Balinese village or community consists of one or more 'banjars', which serve as community councils responsible for preserving local traditions, carrying out community work, and providing social welfare services.


The decisions made by the banjar are relatively independent, making it crucial to establish a harmonious relationship and keep them informed about villa development from the start. As a Western owner planning to reside on the island for an extended period, becoming an active and respected member of the banjar can greatly enhance your experience. Participation in community activities, ceremonies, and offering financial contributions is highly valued and helps foster positive relationships. However, it's important to note that some banjars or their officials may have a reputation for being challenging. Before moving into a banjar's district, it would be wise to seek the assistance of a knowledgeable local person who understands the dynamics of the community. They can provide insights into any peculiarities or specific customs you should be aware of.


To ensure a smooth process, we recommend being assisted by a Balinese individual who can guide you through the local community dynamics. Before proceeding with any tasks related to the villa development, we will facilitate some necessary steps to support you in engaging with the banjar effectively.

During our initial discussion, we will cover the following elements:

  • Project outline/scope of work

  • Client requirements

  • Timeline

  • Fees and payment terms

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